Cellular Bioprocess Technology Course at the University of Minnesota

August 6-9, 2018


Highlights in 2018!

  • Practical examples in continuous biomanufacturing
  • Biomanufacturing for virus vaccines and cell therapy
  • Overview of product characterization and protein variants
  • Focal topic on control of glycosylation
  • Targeted integration and cell engineering
  • In-depth discussion on metabolic shift and control of lactate metabolism


Intended Course Audience

  • Engineers and physical scientists who wish to gain essential knowledge in cell biology and molecular genetics and learn the relevance of physical principles in bioprocess operations
  • Life scientists who wish to learn facets of biology that relate to process engineering, as well as key engineering principles that can constrain and amplify biological potentials
  • Those want to understand the "why" behind the "how" in cell culture bioprocessing


What You Can Expect From This Course

  • Bioprocess design and operations: engineering principles in action
  • Expert perspectives on emerging technological trends for biologics
  • Efficient packaging of knowledge, succinct summary of how-to's, and effective passing-on of valuable experiences
  • Optional computer and workshop sessions for cell culture data analysis
  • Lessons learned and success stories from the past two decades


On-Site Company Short Courses

  • Companies interested in providing their employees with a strong understanding of cellular processes and engineering have the option of holding an on-site, customized, two-day Cellular Bioprocess Technology short course taught by Professor Wei-Shou Hu.
  • A growing number of companies are choosing this option. Recent offerings include courses at Genentech, Merck, BMS, and Amgen.
  • For more information, see our on-site short course page.
CBT 2016

2016 attendees, when the course celebrated its 30th year.

Our Group

Explore the research of Professor Hu and his graduate students on their website.



This course is world-class.

-J.G. Merck & CO.


This course was an excellent way to experience a broad spectrum of subjects within biotechnology. These experiences have given me the skills I needed to excel at my current position and inspired me to explore new opportunities within the biotech industry.

-Ricardo Ibarra Jr., Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals


This course was really excellent! Thank you to all of the instructors and individuals that helped. I'll take a lot of information and new ideas back to work. The hands-on sessions were particularly useful. I hope this course continues for many years to come.

-Past course participant


Excellent course condensed into a short time. Thank you!

-Past course participant


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