Cellular Bioprocess Technology Course at the University of Minnesota

August 6-9, 2018



  • Practical examples in continuous biomanufacturing
  • Focal topic on control of glycosylation
  • Targeted integration and cell engineering
  • Biomanufacturing for virus vaccines and cell therapy
  • In-depth discussion on metabolic shift and control of lactate metabolism


Intended Course Audience

  • Engineers and physical scientists who wish to gain essential knowledge in cell biology and molecular genetics and learn the relevance of physical principles in bioprocess operations
  • Life scientists who wish to learn facets of biology that relate to process engineering, as well as key engineering principles that can constrain and amplify biological potentials
  • Those want to understand the "why" behind the "how"

What You Can Expect From This Course

  • Bioprocess design and operations: engineering principles in action
  • Expert perspectives on emerging technological trends for biologics
  • Efficient packaging of knowledge, succinct summary of how-to's, and effective passing-on of valuable experiences
  • Optional computer and workshop sessions for cell culture data analysis
  • Lessons learned and success stories from the past two decades
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This course is world-class.

-J.G. Merck & CO.


This course was an excellent way to experience a broad spectrum of subjects within biotechnology. These experiences have given me the skills I needed to excel at my current position and inspired me to explore new opportunities within the biotech industry.

-Ricardo Ibarra Jr., Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals


This course was really excellent! Thank you to all of the instructors and individuals that helped. I'll take a lot of information and new ideas back to work. The hands-on sessions were particularly useful. I hope this course continues for many years to come.

-Past course participant


Excellent course condensed into a short time. Thank you!

-Past course participant


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